I’m Sameli Sivonen, a 26-year-old student of architecture and economics, and a green politician from Kallio, Helsinki. I’m a co-chair of the Federation of Green Youth and Students, vice councillor of City of Helsinki and Students and Aalto University Student Union and Helsinki University Student Union representative councils. Defending equality and justice both for individual people and the surrounding environment are close to heart for me in politics.

My roots are originally in Eastern Finland: Born in Imatra and ended up via Lieksa, Kuopio and Vantaa to Helsinki as a teenager. In Helsinki I first resided in Lassila and finally settled in Kallio where I currently live. Kallio has many features of a good city. The population density creates the conditions for a lively city culture from block parties to ground floor shops. Small parks create breathing oases and you can travel from one place to another with tram or city bike in mere minutes. People meet each other while traveling short distances and communal events create feeling of togetherness. Everyone can be themselves and everybody is looked after.

We are the generation, on the shoulders of whom halting the climate change has fallen. It is important to the mankind to take responsibility for reducing emissions quickly. Protection of the nature must be a key objective to the society. The culture in doing business will need to change towards favouring increasingly ecological practices. In the continually urbanizing world, city planning has great significance in enabling ecological societies. At the same time, we may not forget social fairness and those that are underprivileged in the society. Each and everyone of us must have the possibility to income and human living conditions, independently of country, background, or personal characteristics. Discrimination cannot be allowed in any form. Racism and sexism must not be approved under any circumstances and discriminating social structures must be pulled down.

Helsinki developes rapidly towards becoming a living metropolis, ecologically and socially fair city. Check in for more of my thoughts about the future of Helsinki

Come along to take a role in the change and join my campaign here. Let’s make together Finland a better place for everyone!



“Growing Helsinki needs just the kind of bold people like Sameli. He understands the big questions of our time and looks open-mindedly for working solutions to them. It would be pleasure to have Sameli as a colleque in the Helsinki City Council!”

Emma Kari

Member of Parliament, Member of the City Council of Helsinki

“Sameli is a politician who is enormously interested about different things and easily approachable. He always takes part with his heart and is fair and open guy, who listens to everyone. Productive guy who gives his all for making a greener Helsinki.”

Ozan Yanar

Member of Parliament

“Sameli is a productive and competent city planning and student politics expert. Sameli understands that politics is a team sport and knows how to inspire people to work with him. Sameli would be a brilliant add to the Green decision makers in Helsinki.”

Maria Ohisalo

Poverty Reasearcer, Vice president of the Greens in Finland

“In Sameli there are both the knowledge of city culture and vision of city planning. The Helsinki City Council needs just the energetic and efficient people like Sameli.”

Erkki Perälä

City Maker

“Sameli is a great guy: humane and enthusiastic discusser, who has a strong sense of fairness and equity. Sameli builds better world with his heart.”

Heikki Koponen

President of the National Union of the University Students in Finland 2016

“Sameli Sivonen is not just a brilliant municipal election candidate. Sameli is exceptionally gifted and competent economy and planning man. Every city needs policymakers like Sameli, who is not only looking how things are but how things should be in the future.”

Touko Aalto

Member of Parliament, Vice President of the Greens in Finland and a Member of City Council of Jyväskylä


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