I have a dream of a relaxed and friendly Helsinki, which welcomes all settlers and builds as a spot that looks like its residents and offers excitement around the year. Helsinki, in which it is easy to move from location to another, and in which there are more dense and lively neighborhoods and space for things to happen. Helsinki, which is a forerunner in considering solutions in issues of living and energy.

Vibrant and colorful Helsinki that looks like its residents

The future Helsinki is living Helsinki. Something is happening at all times. There are city festivals, picnics, and sauna. Libraries and flea markets. A pleasant city is lively and caring. Dense city, in which people find places to stay and spend time, parks, free public space. Fast, convenient, ecological public transportation, ease of biking, more publicly available bikes and bike paths, more room to walk and live in urban space. Let’s take space from cars to better forms of transportation and people. Pop-up space and locations, in which to work and carry out projects and things with ease with low barriers of access. Art is found as public pieces, as elements of the city, inside in museums and galleries, and as street art that colors the greyness of the city constructions.

Equal chance for everyone to move and be born in Helsinki

Cities increase in size at the moment enormously, and the largest pressure in Finland is on the capital region, especially Helsinki. There will be 200000 new inhabitants in Helsinki during the next 30 years. Some are born here, others move to Helsinki. People want to get close to services, and I wish that as many as possible could enjoy urban living. At the same time it is important to take care of the rich and beautiful nature of Helsinki. It is necessary to build dense city structure, saving green areas from the construction. The issues of the young and the students are important to future Helsinki, it is not possible to have too much young minded character in Helsinki. Let’s aim at the targets of World Student Capital. We need to enable more student housing. This is efficient urban development and brings increasingly skilled individuals to our growing city.

Towards growing metropolis!

Let’s make Helsinki an international metropolis. We are a small country at the edge of Europe, but Helsinki has potential to be a truly attractive place. Stockholm preaches themselves as the Capital of Scandinavia let’s make the capital of Northern Europe. Let’s build a tunnel to Tallinn and enable an overnight train to Berlin, an ecological but fast way to travel to Central Europe. Finland needs competent people from the outside of its borders, and Helsinki is a place, where people wish to come. We have a lively city that is safe, offers good healthcare free education, and nature in urban environment. Nature in the city is is also something we need to know to market to tourist and travellers. It is rare globally to experience a city festival, archipelago, and forrest during the same day.

In my Helsinki there is space for all, independently of the background or personal characteristics. Come along to develop Helsinki an international metropolis, and thumb yourself to Sameli’s campaign group!

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